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Are you aware that annual statistics show that approximately 40,000 sports-related eye injuries are serious enough to necessitate emergency room care? That's equal to an trauma every 13 minutes! Eye Care professionals agree that the vast majority of the accidents could be simply prevented by wearing proper eye protection. Most eye damaging accidents occur when enjoying recreational activities or doing work at the house. Kids are especially at risk for injuries involving eye damage, which frequently occur during sport activities.

If you have children who participate in team sports, you should be sure they use protective glasses during active play. You can lead by example by investing in a pair of new full-coverage protective goggles for yourself to wear when involved in contact sports or working with dangerous equipment. Insist your children follow your example. In addition, let your kids select protective eyewear in the style they like.

In order to choose a pair with the appropriate fit and the correct amount of safety, ask an experienced optometrist for recommendations. Our professionals are happy to help you in buying the best pair of goggles for your child, depending on your child's particular needs. If your child wears glasses, protective eyewear can be customized with prescription lenses from your vision care provider. Trivex or polylcarbonate lenses are recommended for a child that participates in contact sports . They are not only more shatter-resistant, they are also more light-weight than standard lenses, which offers extra comfort.

Don't skimp when it comes to purchasing safety eyewear. It's worth it when it comes to safeguarding your child's eyes!