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Optomap Retinal Imaging

Protect Your Vision

We all want to protect our gift of sight.  That is why it is important to have annual eye examinations.  Annual eye check-ups not only allow your eye doctor to improve the quality of your vision by changing the prescription of your glasses or contact lenses, but also provide the opportunity to determine the overall health of your eye- from the clear window of the eye (the cornea) to the very back of the eye (the retina).

Our doctors highly recommend that you have an Optomap Retinal Exam, a comprehensive method of evaluating, monitoring, and helping treat various eye conditions.  This previously unavailable medical technology assists your doctor in viewing the retina to detect early signs of eye disease as well as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and cancer.

The Optomap's ultra-wide view allows your doctor to confirm your retinal health, or discover signs of abnormalities or disease.  This offers an opportunity for your doctor to diagnose eye conditions early, as well as other health conditions.  The Optomap enables you and your doctor to determine the best course of action.  

The Optomap Retinal Exam

In 1990, five year old Leif Anderson went blind in one eye when a retinal detachment was detected too late.  Although he was having regular eye exams, conventional tests were uncomfortable, especially for small children, which made it difficult for the doctor to conduct a thorough examination of the retina.  Distressed by the diagnostic methods available, Leif's father, Douglas, designed the Optomap retinal exam that makes retinal examinations easier for both the patient and the doctor, to help prevent this from happening to others.

The Optomap takes just minutes to perform;  it is fast, painless, and comfortable for patients.  It is particularly helpful when you return for your annual exam as it provides a permanent record of the condition of your retina.  Your doctor will compare each year's Optomap image side by side to discover even subtle changes and monitor your continuing eye health.  Early detection of retinal disorders is critical to preventing serious progression and loss of vision.

Become Better Informed

The Optomap Retinal Exam is a valuable tool when used by your doctor to educate you about your health and wellness.  It provides you and your doctor with an opportunity to interactively review and discuss the results of  your exam.  Your doctor will educate you on the various structures of the retina and explain treatment options for any conditions revealed by the exam.  The more knowledgeable you are about eye diseases, the more likely you will understand and follow your doctor's recommendations for treatment and prevention.

Protect Your Family's Vision

We all want to protect our vision.  That is why it is important for people of all ages to have annual eye examinations that include the clinical evaluation of your retina - annual exams are vital to maintaining your vision and overall health.

From children to seniors, the Optomap allows your doctor to view your retina quickly and in a noninvasive manner.  Our doctors highly recommend that you have an Optomap Retinal Exam at your next examination.