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RED EYES? SORE EYES? We can help with our Dry Eye Therapy!

Download a special Dry Eye Therapy information and treatment sheet here: Dry Eye Therapy

Many dry eye patients have Meibomian gland dysfunction, where the oil grands at the base of the lashes become plugged and stop producing enough oil to prevent the tears from evaporating. Heat and massage can be used to melt the oil in the lid glands and get them flowing again. Artificial tears (ocular lubricants) and Omega 3 supplements can also be helpful. We should all be scrubbing our eyelids daily too (ideally with Theralid/Sterilid Eyelid cleanser) to remove bacteria and debris which can inflame and redden eyes and lids.

Hot compress- 5 minutes of heat with a clean wash cloth soaked in hot tap water or a Bruder Mask heated in the microwave for 20 seconds.

Massage- Immediately after heat, press near the base of the lashes on the bottom lid and use a rolling motion from top to bottom on the upper lid for the longer Meibomian gland in the top lid.

Artificial tears- Drops, Gel or Ointment as recommended by your optometrist.

Lid Scrub- Clean moist wash cloth or TheraLid Eyelid Cleanser to scrub lids on both eyes once per day (twice per day when eyes are red)>

Omega 3 supplement- Omega 3 fatty acids either in food (fatty fish such as salmon) or supplements can help dry eye, and may also prevent macular degeneration.

Never use Visine "get the red out" drops- These will make your eyes redder over time, and then you use more of it, and so on, and so on...

CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT- Call Pierce Family Vision at 519-886-4170 to see if you do indeed have dry eyes and if any or all of the above therapies might help improve your comfort and even clarity of your eyes!