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Watery eyes can be dry eyes!

Dry eyes are one of the most common eye problems, but most dry eye patients don't think their eyes are dry because they water.

Do your eyes water or burn or feel gritty or sandy or get blurred at the end of the day?  You may have dry eyes.  There are two kinds of tears, ones that keep your eyes moist with every blink (basal tears), and the crying/onion cutting reflex tears.  If you don't have enough basal tears, the reflex tears will kick in and moisten the eyes by watering.  This is usually too much tearing and results in tears collecting in the corner of the eye or running down the cheek.

Dry eye is very common especially as we get older or if we work in a dry environment and/or on computers.  There are good treatments (although no cure unfortunately) for dry eyes.  There are lots of great new drops called artificial tears, which work very well to moisturize the eyes to keep them comfortable and not tearing.  Patients can also benefit from hot compresses and lid scrubs which can unplug some of the small tear glands along the lash margin.  Recent research has also found that taking a daily Omega 3 supplement can also improve dry eye symptoms.

So, make sure you mention your dry eye symptoms to us so we can discuss your treatment options.