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All patients (OHIP and self paid exams) are being seen while negotiations continue with the Ontario Government. Click here for Dr. Ellison’s update.

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Eye Exam for Teenagers

Importance of Eye Exam for Teenagers

eye exams Kitchener ONThe Government of Ontario recognizes the unique eye care needs in children and seniors, and covers annual eye exams for children under 19, and adults over 65. One full eye examination is covered by OHIP yearly for this age group, plus minor examinations for emergencies such as eye infections, eye injuries, headaches, etc.

We strongly recommend teenagers have a comprehensive eye exam every year. Many sight-threatening conditions have no symptoms in the early stages and require a thorough exam to be detected. Our eye doctors have the equipment and expertise to detect ocular disease and to initiate preventative therapy to preserve your vision.

School Screening for Teenagers ≠ Comprehensive Eye Exam:

When vision is tested at schools or during a physical, it is a screening meant to identify those who could benefit from eyeglasses, and unfortunately many eye conditions are commonly missed. A comprehensive exam is performed by our Waterloo optometrists who is trained to detect eye disease and assess visual function. The doctors at Pierce Family Vision will carefully inspect your eyes and vision and recommend a treatment plan that’s personalized for you.

Components Of An Eye Exam Offered By Our Waterloo Optometrists:

First we will discuss your ocular and medical history, family history, and any current visual problems you may be experiencing. Next we will examine your visual function, including an assessment of depth perception, eye muscle motility, colour awareness, ocular alignment (tendency to cross) and peripheral vision. We will then use a variety of instruments to determine the best prescription (if any) that is recommended for your eyes. We will assess the external ocular health of the eyes, looking for conditions such as dry eye disease, and check the pressure in your eyes. Lastly, we will examine the internal health of your eyes using a high-powered lens to examine the retina, nerve, macula, and blood vessels.

On November 1st, 2004, routine eye examinations provided by either an optometrist or a physician, for patients aged 20 to 64 years of age, were no longer covered by the Ontario Health Plan. Children 19 years of age and under are still covered for routine vision examinations, once a year (plus a day). They are also covered for minor vision examinations to monitor specific conditions such as a weaker eye or a turned eye.

Please contact our eye care clinic in Waterloo, ON if you have any specific questions regarding whether your child is covered for his or her eye problem.

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