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Please be advised that we will not be seeing children, seniors or any OHIP insured eye exams as of September 1st due to province wide withdrawal of service by Ontario optometrists. Self paid exams with patients aged 20-64 are still being offered as usual. To learn more about this situation please click HERE.


Kliik takes its inspiration from the clean, modern aesthetic of Scandinavian designs. Are you tired of trying on glasses that always seem just too big for you? Designed in Denmark specifically for men and women who require smaller eye sizes, Kliik is the perfect range for you if you want fashionable, contemporary eyewear but don’t quite fit into larger styles.

Kliik showcases bold colours in a minimalistic design, with intricate details and an array of unique patterns and textures in its eyewear. It is also an excellent brand to look at for teenagers who have outgrown kids’ frames but can’t yet fit into many of the adult ranges!