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All patients (OHIP and self paid exams) are being seen while negotiations continue with the Ontario Government. Click here for Dr. Ellison’s update.


WOOW eyewear steals the spotlight with playful shapes, cool colours and unique patterns. We’re SO excited to get Kitchener-Waterloo into some colourful eyewear! If you’re tired of seeing everyone around you in black and brown frames, this is the range that was made for you.

Stand out with some daring retro-inspired frames that are elegant, sophisticated and fun. If there’s a pair of glasses out there that are going to get you compliments… These are the ones! Designed in France, the WOOW collection features both metallic and plastic frames that are durable, distinctive and empowering.

Now more than ever, a joyful and offbeat spirit is at the heart of the WOOW collection – welcome to the world of striking glasses that celebrate optimism and give us some much-needed excitement when half of our faces are covered up by masks!