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Essilor Stellest Myopia Management Lens

Early management can help slow the progression of myopia and reduce the risk of complications in adulthood.

Essilor Stellest lenses slow down myopia progression by 67% on average, compared to single vision lenses, when worn 12 hours a day*

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Your Child Is Unique, Our Technology Is Too

Play, learn, read, discover, see the world… Did you know that more than 80%* of your child’s learning is done through their vision? Myopia can have a major impact on your child's vision and life, and it can be permanent. More and more children are becoming myopic at a very young age, which increases their risk of developing high myopia and the risk of developing visual impairments as adults.

Now, thanks to Essilor® Stellest™ lenses, it is possible to control the progression of myopia. The earlier your child's myopia progression is controlled, the less impact it will have on their eyesight in the long run. With Stellest lenses, see your children grow, not their myopia.

The Three Steps For Getting Your Child Fitted With Stellest Lenses

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Visit One of Our Optometrists at Pierce Family Vision

After an eye exam by one of our optometrists, Stellest lenses will be recommended for children:

  • who starting to get myopia
  • who are already myopic
  • who are at risk of developing severe myopia

Your child’s prescription may mention “slow down myopia” or “myopia management”

Speak with one of our opticians or optometric assistants at Pierce Family Vision

  • Order Stellest lenses from us based on the optometrist's prescription. Feel free to ask us for further information about Stellest lenses.
  • Delivery of the new Stellest glasses and verification that fit your child properly.

Follow-up Visits To Our Optometrists

Depending on our optometrist's recommendation, follow-up appointments can be scheduled every six months to evaluate the progression of myopia.

Our Advice To Parents

  • Make sure your child wears their Stellest lenses as often as possible. The more often your child wears their Stellest lenses, the greater effect they will have in slowing down myopia. Our recommendation is to wear the lenses at least 12 hours a day every day.
  • To care for their eyesight on a daily basis, we recommend that children spend two hours a day outdoors and take regular breaks when using their near vision for extended periods of time (looking up every 20 minutes or so).
  • Don't hesitate to come back for frame adjustments and to make sure that the frame size is still appropriate as your child grows.
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