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All patients (OHIP and self paid exams) are being seen while negotiations continue with the Ontario Government. Click here for Dr. Ellison’s update.

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For Routine Eye Health and Vision Exams

As of November 1, 2004:

For regular, routine, assessments:

0-19 years old: annual full exam, OHIP covered

20-64 years old:no OHIP coverage

65+ years old:annual full exam, OHIP covered

Medically necessary exams, as defined by the government of Ontario, are OHIP covered regardless of age. The list of defined conditions includes: diabetes, retinal disease, glaucoma, and significant cataracts. However, the definitions are subject to change by the Ministry of Health.

As is the case for many health care fields, not all services are OHIP covered. There are times when the best possible care will include testing that is not paid for by OHIP. When applicable, these tests will be discussed with you. As always, the completion of the tests, based on our recommendations, is at your discretion. However, they are a valuable tool for screening, documenting, diagnosing and follow ups.

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