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A wealth of vision resources for you on the net.. Click Away.

  • A wonderful site explaining how to prevent macular degeneration and how regular eye exams can detect AMD in it's earliest stages.
  • A great site to help diabetics manage their daily lives. Reinforces the need for yearly retinal evaluations to monitor blood vessel health and diabetes control.
  • Information about laser vision correction available right here in Waterloo. We co-manage patients with them as they have the best surgeons and the best lasers in Canada.
  • A site explaining about the benefits of having an Optomap retinal scan
  • Information about optometric care in Ontario
  • Lots of great information on this site in the Eye Health Library and info on children's vision.
  • This is a great website for information on anything from eye health to glasses, contact lenses and Lasik surgery.  Answers to many of your eye and vision questions can be found here.
  • A fun website for optical illusions from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.  Enjoy!