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Advanced Technology

Spot Vision Screener

Spot Vision Screener

The Spot is a handheld portable device designed to quickly screen infants and young children for vision issues such as a need for glasses or an eye turn. It is used by our optometrists to screen both eyes with the infant or child on the parent’s lap. The bird sounds and coloured lights are perfect to interest younger patients from a comfortable one meter distance.

auto refractor waterloo ontario

Autorefractor / Autokeratometer

Autorefractors are machines that quickly give an accurate estimate of the glasses prescription (refractive error). Patients aged 3 and up focus on a target while resting their chin on a chinrest. The autorefractor uses infrared light reflected off the retina to give the estimate of the prescription.

In most cases this is just one piece of the information our optometrists use to determine the proper prescription for each patient. However, for small children or special needs populations with communication barriers, these highly accurate measurements are very useful.

This machine also simultaneously measures the curvature of the cornea which is necessary for contact lens wearers and for the diagnosis of keratoconus.

non contact tonometer waterloo ontario

Non-contact Tonometer

The “air-puff” machine gives a measurement of the pressure inside the eye using a gentle puff of air. This is done quickly without requiring an eye drop, and is used to screen for glaucoma.

daytona plus 2

Optomap Retinal Imaging

At Pierce Family Vision, we use digital scans to help assess the health of your eyes. These images are obtained easily using safe forms of light and are stored electronically to give the eye doctor a permanent record of the condition and state of your retina and optic nerve.

The Optomap digital retinal images can be used on patients as young as 3 to give an ultra wide retinal image within a split second. At Pierce Family Vision we have been “Optomapping” our patients since 2003 and are able to show each patient the inside of their eyes, which aids communication as well as patient care. These images provide a permanent record of retinal appearance for further comparison.

We now have the Optomap Daytona Plus. Daytona plus was designed to assist eye doctors to detect, diagnose and treat retinal disease and to provide state-of-the-art image capture and review functionality.


Topcon Maestro OCT

Our new Topcon Maestro OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography scan) is the latest advancement in retinal imaging technology. Similar to ultrasound, this diagnostic technique employs light rather than sound waves to give 3-D images of the layers of the macula (central retina) and optic nerve. OCT scans give our eye doctors essential information using light without radiation to help diagnose conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and more.

An OCT scan is a noninvasive, painless test. It is performed in about 10 minutes right in our office. Ask us about an OCT scan at your next appointment.

Humphreys Visual Field Unit waterloo ontario

Visual Field Testing

During a comprehensive eye exam our optometrists may want to perform visual field testing to assess your peripheral vision.

Our Humphreys Visual Field Analyzer uses spots of light which patients detect and record with a clicker to help map the peripheral vision. This information is used to detect scotomas (blind spots) which can happen with certain eye and brain disorders.

Glaucoma, strokes, brain tumours and other diseases can be detected and monitored using this advanced digital technology.

Pierce Family Vision is now open for routine examinations, frame selections and adjustments by appointment. We have taken great care to keep our patients and staff safe in these extraordinary times. Please give us a call at 519-886-4170 for more information. For those wanting advice but not ready to visit the office yet, we are offering online tele-optometry consultations. Stay safe and we hope to see you soon!