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All patients (OHIP and self paid exams) are being seen while negotiations continue with the Ontario Government. Click here for Dr. Ellison’s update.

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Optometrists Seeing Patients Remotely

national cancer institute L8tWZT4CcVQ unsplash (1)Things are changing fast in healthcare right now. Thankfully, technology is allowing us to continue delivering eyecare remotely to our patients through an innovation called tele-optometry.

Tele-optometry is a simple and convenient way to see your doctor from anywhere in the world. Using a special website designed specifically for healthcare, you can have a private and secure video-appointment with one of our optometrists.

Most importantly, tele-optometry is easy to use. Once you have booked your appointment, we will e-mail you with a link to click at a pre-arranged time. Click the link to be taken directly to a digital waiting room. Then, type in your name… And that’s all! The doctor will appear automatically as soon as they’re ready for you and your video consultation will begin. There are no downloads, nothing to install, and you don’t even need to create an account.

You don’t need any special equipment, either. You can access this website on anything with a camera and a speaker – smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers will all work.

Of course, some things are only possible in person. This technology isn’t a replacement for a full eye exam, as we can’t see into your eye, magnify it with our biomicroscope or take OCT or Optomap images of the retina. It is, however, a great stopgap for these uncertain times.

During the coronavirus pandemic, it has been vitally important for us to find reliable ways to help our patients remotely. We have already personally used tele-optometry to help many of our patients and are so pleased with how successful it has been.

What’s going to happen during my digital appointment?

You will be having a private, secure video call with one of our optometrists – Dr. Ellison, Dr. Singh or Dr. Faria. During this time you can speak about concerns you have for your eyes, and even show the doctor any symptoms you’re experiencing.

From there, our doctor can provide you with professional advice, write you a prescription if required, make relevant notes in your records and book you in for a physical appointment if necessary.

How do I book an appointment? Can I still be seen in-person?

If you’re having concerns about your eyes right now, don’t put off speaking to us because of the current health climate! We are still booking emergency appointments for those who need to come into the office for urgent care only. Send an e-mail to or call us on 519-886-4170 between 10am-4pm on weekdays and we can help determine the best way to help you, whether that is through tele-optometry or an appointment in-office.

If you would like to research more about this technology yourself, visit

Stay home, stay healthy everyone!

– Pierce Family Vision